iMusic Class Sound Of Suvarnadvipa – Gambus Class

Exactly a year ago Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia Music Concert held “Jejak Suara Suvarnadvipa “. Housed in iPoint Art and Coffee which is their new headquarters, along with management iPoint Art and Coffee they created a program called iMusic Class that contains the class sharing of instruments used in the “Jejak Suara Suvarnadvipa”.
Jejak-Suara-SuvarnadvipaThose with “Gambus Class” on April 4, 2015, to introduce and tell stories about the history of stringed instruments and the history of how different techniques play Gambus and the guitar or based on a tone of music they play. Gambus Class is not just a sharing session with the psaltery / Gambus lovers but further is to encourage and inspire the younger generation that we have a tradition of interesting instruments to be played and can make cool youngsters. Rino Dezapaty and Violano will demonstrate how they play Gambus and telling you about the technical things playing speed with gambus and the tones. 

IMG_5663Inspire young people to love music tradition then There are stories of the Composer Rino Dezapaty that he and Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia got stories through social media and facebook that there are seven groups of seven counties that send them a picture of them playing music with the caption “Hey Rino, We play music because we were inspired by Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia”. 

Suvarnadvipa was initially called the plains of ancient Sumatra. Epic Ramayana mentions Suvarnadvipa as gold in the plains of Sumatra island. Another version says Suvarnadvipa as trade destination in the Indian Ocean. When the highlands of Sumatra still be one with the plain Malay Peninsula, Suvarnadvipa also called covering Thailand and Malaysia. In Sumatra alone, Bukit Barisan range that stretches along the famous island of Sumatra contains gold. Suvarnadvipa is the center of the kingdom of Srivijaya. 

Suvarnadvipa is the story of the golden age in the island of Sumatra. Community-Riau Kampar district around the temple Barelang have hereditary stories about life in the golden age. Community life Muara highly exaggerated. Even mentioned that rice planted golden fruit. Another story mentioned that around 5 km southwest Temple Barelang there is a city called Suvarna City in English is called Koto Kampar Subono. There are former ancient pier alleged former major port Suvarnadvipa.

“Jejak Suara Suvarnadvipa” not just about a work but a great responsibility for Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia as guards one Riau traditional art and representative of young people who love traditional music. Hopefully with iMusic Class are packed with contemporary style could be the inspiration for other musicians to plug Harapanya tradition on them. 

See you at iMusic Class with Cello – Violin and Flute on 18 April 2015 still at iPoint Art and Coffee Pekanbaru.


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