iMusic Class – Coffee and Learn With Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia

Rhythm Riau Indonesian Chambers (RRCI) held iMusic Class on Saturday (04/18/2015). After beginning with “Gambus  Class / Lute Class ” on 4 April 2015 and then, the activities that took place in the iPoint Art and Coffee, Jalan Sudirman Pekanbaru that carry out the agenda of the next Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia iMusic Class with “Cello, Violin, and Flute Class”. In accordance with the player in Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia for each of these instruments, Cendra Son Yanis, Viogi Rupiyanto, and Aristofani present become tutors and mentors in the presence of dozens of participants who attended the workshop from afternoon until night.

iMusic Class RRCI opened with a warm greeting and a brief description by the host once the workshop moderator acted Manager RRCI, Tito Aldila. Then the work of Jang Si Bono and Sri Perca, and work requests from participants that Pencalang Sea Dew played as a material to be used as a review of techniques to play Cello, Violin and Flute.Participants were on average was a teenager and a student was watched and listened with enthusiasm at every session. Questions about the technique of playing music and also works titled Traces RRCI Suvarnadvipa Sound, which in 2014 and staged in Singapore and around Indonesia it into an interesting conversation in a relaxed forum while coffee. iMusic Class program as submitted by the Director and Composer RRCI, Rino Dezapaty to is to provide knowledge and techniques how to play musical instruments, as well as how RRCI create works of music. So that the experience and skills possessed by RRCI can also be transmitted to others who want to know

“IMusic Class we created for open space, especially for young people to talk about a piece of music and learn about the techniques of playing music. Knowledge and experience that exist in our RRCI to anyone who wants to know, “said Rino who met after the workshop.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRRCI formed since June 17 2001 until now has gone through a long process. The experience was exactly that by Rino as a leader in RRCI can share with others. RRCI phase in his musical concepts ranging from ethno Tronica, combo band, until now a contempo ethno has produced works that gets high enough appreciation. And from the business and creative work in process and work RRCI has achieved many accomplishments, as well as opportunities for this group to appear in various places, at home and abroad.

Next September, RRCI already bound to the hectic schedule to appear in Edinburgh, Scotland. Various preparations have been accomplished by the formidable group of eight multi-instrument musician internally and communal. In addition to continued maturation of the work, they are also scheduled programs and iMusic Class Space Listen to touch the public and apresiatornya selectively. This is according to the ability of the player Rino so honed and tested, deepening the work of the more established, and public appreciation of music, especially Riau ongoing tradition.

Henceforth, iMusic Class program will re-open on Saturday (04/25/2015) future. According to information obtained from Rino Dezapaty, iMusic next class scheduled “Percussion, Vocal, and Calempong Class.” Still the same place, iMusic Class in iPoint Art and Coffee will open up the opportunity for anyone to get involved in the workshop. Even the activity, said Rino will be assembled into the weekend.

“On Saturday, 25 April 2015 we will perform complete. RRCI will open a space for discussion about the employment. So we invite the composers to present and share together RRCI, “said Rino. Obviously the meeting on 25 and 26 April 2015 will be more interesting. Besides RRCI will appear with a complete formation, the composer also will reveal the creative process in making the work. Then, would be a pity if it missed. (MON)

– This content 100% translated to english from original Source


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