Ruang Dengar I – Road to Edinburgh

Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia (RRCI) held a Hearing Room 1 called ” Ruang Dengar”.  Ruang Dengar 1 held in in Riau Cultural Park beginning at 20:00 until 23:00 pm. The purpose of Ruang Dengan 1 is to play Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia work that will be displayed at the Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland in the next september.

RRCI-1There are five repertoire displayed on this Ruang Dengar 1 . Ruang Dengar 1 is not attended by many people, because it is not open to the public. Of all the repertoire that they show is lifted from the theme ” Jejak Suara Suvarnadvipa. The theme is a manifestation of the results of observations made Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia  comrades at this time. This theme they lift starting from their curiosity towards traces the history of Old Country Called Suvarnadvipa.

The event, which was held behind closed doors, was attended humanists and artists who picked specifically, as for the purpose of this special invitation is to comment on the other what is lacking or needs to be repaired from the work that has been their show. Among those present as special guests such as Riau Cultural Mr. He attended, Mas Ario, Mr. Hari S. Hasan, Mr. Alyusra, Bang Ricard, and Mr. Syahrul Ramadan. (A-l.d.k).

This News originally from DKPP Official Website



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