Suvarnadvipa Music Tour Singapore-Papua-Makassar

AGES 13 years for the music group Rhythm Chambers Riau Indonesia (RRCI) into a special achievement. The reason, many groups of music, or art gallery also generally not long-lived due to not being able to stand against the various challenges. Admittedly, composer and leader RRCI, Rino Dezapati MBY that mid-year 2011, experiencing almost Riau Rhythm ‘suspended animation’ in terms of creativity due to saturation in the combo pack at 12 Riau Rhythm old works. But then mid-2013, Riau Rhythm got an offer to represent Riau in the event Indonesia Performing Arts Mart (IPAM) at Salihara, Jakarta.

esplanade“Repeatedly discussion about what ideas relevant to carried on the pretext that appreciated dozens of delegates or curator of Asian art, European and American. Thus was born the concept of the exploration Ethno-Contempo more give bigger portions on the tradition as the main element of cultivation, “said Rino.

It is, reaffirmed RRCI Research Division, Aristofani. The new concept that carried RRCI focuses on the music tradition alive in Kampar regency. For example a typical calempong Kampar, katepak rhythm pattern. Also diverse folk songs such as “Dondong”, “Batimang”, “Bughung Gasiong”, “Ratok”, and others. For the theme, taken around the temple Muaratakus, Trace Sound Suvarnadvipa. The theme is translated into nine dynamic piece of music. “The theme is then carried RRCI in his tour throughout 2014,” said Itok familiar greeting as he said these works drew the attention of the public outside Riau.

  • Esplanade
    After the concert at the Singapore Art Anjung K. Tintin, April 2014 and then, Riau Rhythm continue the tour in order to publish a series of recent work Riau Rhythm. The first venue is the Singapore Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. This venue is also the impact of IPAM November 2013 in the theater Salihara Jakarta. Program Manager Esplanade expressed interest in the work of Riau Rhythm and display it on 30-31 August 2014 and at the Esplanade. Appearance Riau Rhythm in Singapore Esplanade has received overwhelming response. It was evident from the survey appreciators which is a part of the program of work in the Esplanade. According Itok, eslanadereview the Esplanade disampakan via email to Riau Rhythm by Amalia Farah, Program Manager. “I have received feedback from several people and they all love music collection will RRCI. However, what could make the offering more attractive is if there is someone who can speak with the audience to explain with more and more clear about the background of the songs being played, “he wrote in an e mail. Additionally, there is little feedback that emerged spontaneously from the audience after watching the latest works Riau Rhythm. Two tourists from Canada and Germany who lives in Jakarta with tears in her eyes revealed that, “I really enjoyed the dish works Rhythm Riau. I felt the presence of the musical nuances of Turkey, India, Japan, and this dikreasi with beautiful and extraordinary, “said Monica Seagel (42) from Canada. In line with Ylongkha Maya (45) tourist from Germany said it had run into Myanmar, Turkey, and now in Jakarta, instead he watched the music like this in Singapore, “I love it. I love it. I love it, if Riau Rhythm perform in Jakarta later on 5 November, I would invite all my friends to watch, “he said. What does this actually Riau Rhythm is an effort to communicate the local potential in the form of singing and a variety of musical patterns tradition to the Global arena. “Venue Singapore’s first gambling become an arena for recent work Riau Rhythm, how the audience reception was a critical success,” said Rino after showing his work at the Esplanade.
  • Share of Energy in Papua
    in Jayapura in Ethno-circuit Contempo Music Tour 2014 has the impression for RRCI. Said Itok, Jayapura is ground homely, friendly, with natural resources, and full of surprises. Despite widespread reports in the media regarding violence continues to haunt the mind. For example there is information from the committee that a few days ago there was a murder of a pregnant woman in the border area of Jayapura – Papua New Guinea. There is also a resident of the said area Waena (location -Taman Culture Museum complex Papua) is the location of covert movement of Papua Merdeka (OPM). “But for cultural arts activities must be safe for all residents delighted with the entertainment. And indeed, everything is different, including Riau Rhythm performances that received public Hangan Jayapura, “said Itok again. Tour Riau Rhythm in Papua in series with gathering work across Indonesia Cultural Park, which was attended by 24 States. Rhythm representing the Province of Riau Riau and performed on Saturday (13/9) then. Riau Rhythm managed to give the impression of a peak at an event held since 10 September 2014 at the open stage Papua Cultural Park. In contrast to the appearance of another province that presents the works of dance, Riau Rhythm presents three works fast tempo music / smart. Successively, the first work began with fish trap Gila, kemudan Pencalang, and closed with a thud Clink Clank (3D). Head of Riau Cultural Park, Pulsiamitra said, Riau dish Rhythm became the new barometer of musical works for the participants of the meeting this time the work of the Cultural Park. “The Head of the Cultural Park Riau se Indonesia considers the work of Rhythm will be a reference to the work of the Cultural Park music forward”, said Pulsiamitra after the stage. While the composer Rino Dezapati MBY said Papua is the venue filled with surprises. When on stage, the most important is the event to share with the public that supported energy sound system and good lighting. It is recognized that the Riau Rhythm Rino can not expect much for the perfection of the major artistic elements in musical performances. “We mengikhlaskan everything. But it is precisely the audience energy flowing and turn the stage “, says Rino.
  • Standing Ovation in Makassar
    tempoconcert tour next Riau Rhythm in Makassar Venue in the series Societeid de Harmonie Festival 2014 which was held in the same building. Tuesday (16/9), the building Societeit de Haromonie packed with spectators from all walks of life. On that occasion, Riau Rhythm presents nine works in the theme “Sound Traces Suvarnadvipa”. Diverse responses were coming, even in the cultural discussion session entitled “Reading Art Condition Kita” which was held after the performances, a variety of responses was accompanied by a sharp analysis from the point of view of the Theater and Arts into their background. One artist, for example, asked Judge Is sorry for choosing a close eye on the work of Riau Rhythm particular moment to give a large portion of the auditory. “My imagination wander uncontrollably Riau’s paintings Rhythm,” Is the Judge said in his introduction as a speaker discussion. In addition, teaterawan Syariff Fahmi said Riau Rhythm dish reminded him of Theatre Without The audience Cak Danarto. When the 3D works, composers invite the audience to follow the melody gambusnya spontaneously. The enthusiasm of the audience makes the whole space boisterous follow the melody of stringed instruments. “At that moment the audience transformed into a player,” said Fahmi. Tour RRCI not stop there. According to Rino later on October 25, 2014 Rhythm Riau will continue a series of tour to Surabaya, Solo (27 October), Yogyakarta (29 October), Bandung (1 October), Attack (3 October), Jakarta (October 5). (* 6)

thanks to  Sagang and Riau Pos for this article, all of this courtesy of them (Pic and Article)


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